How do I get in contact with Dr. Moore and Dr. Jewell?
Every page of this website has all our contact information, including address, fax, and phone number. The best way to get in touch with us is to call the office number. Our staff can answer most questions and is able to contact a physician 24 hours a day. After hours the phones are turned over to an answering service where you can always talk to a live person. The answering service will take your information and a physician will call you back 24 hours a day.

What insurance plans do you accept?
We accept almost all insurance plans except for Medicaid and Medicare. If you are not sure about your particular insurance check our list of insurance plans or call our office. Blue Cross/Blue Shield is billed through the state where you receive care. This means we accept BC/BS members from every state and bill them through BC/BS of Georgia.

Which hospitals are you affiliated with?
We are proud to be on the staff at Northside Hospital’s main campus in Sandy Springs. Northside is one of the highest regarded hospitals in America and it is the premier facility in metro Atlanta for delivering babies. They also offer world class surgical and inpatient services. Because of the busy pace of Atlanta, we don’t feel it is safe to have patients at more than one hospital.

What can I expect at my prenatal visits?
Please see our Prenatal Page that describes each of the visits in pregnancy.

Do you do ultrasounds? What about the new 3-D and 4-D machines?
We do most of our ultrasounds in the office during your visit. We have the 4-D technology (which is real time 3-D) and two cutting edge ultrasound machines. We also offer DVD recording of your ultrasound visit and color photos at no additional charge. We have big screen TV’s attached to the ultrasound machines so your family and friends can share the experience with you. We perform ultrasounds at the first visit, twelve weeks, twenty weeks, and twenty-eight weeks. We may perform more during your pregnancy depending on the situation and risk factors.

What if Dr. Moore or Dr. Jewell are not available when I go into labor or have an emergency?
Both Dr. Moore and Dr. Jewell offer their patients the very best medical care, but cannot be available 24/7/365. Doctors Moore and Jewell have assembled the very best group of physicians to be on call when they are not available. Monday through Friday, Doctors Moore and Jewell share call with Arbor Ob/Gyn- Dr. Samantha Anderson and Lisa Holt, CNM. On weekends and holidays we also share call with Doctors Michele Houston, Winnifred Soufi, and Phoebe Sun. Dr. Moore and Dr. Jewell perform deliveries for nearly ninety percent of their patients. For that small percentage of deliveries where they are not available you will be in expert hands with their call group.

Do you do many C-sections? What is your C-section rate?
Our primary goal in delivery is a healthy baby. Sometimes we have to compromise our patient’s health to secure this outcome. Common examples are a C-section or episiotomy. That being said, we try for a vaginal/natural delivery when possible. Our C-section rate is about twenty percent for first time mom’s and about twenty-five percent if you include scheduled repeat C-sections. This is much lower than the national average and even lower for the high-risk population.

Do you support natural childbirth or minimal interventions?
Our overriding principle in medicine is to let our patients make an informed decision. We believe that an educated patient and a qualified physician make the best decisions together. We will support most birth plans and are happy to discuss your specific plans for the birth of your child.

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