Meet The Call Group

Doctors Moore and Jewell deliver roughly 90 percent of their patient's babies. However there are the rare occasions when they are not available. To ensure that our patients have access to doctors when they need them 24/7, we have teamed with other small OB/GYN practices to cover calls after hours and on weekends. This is fairly common for smaller practices and is implemented to make sure you have the care you need, when you need it.

During the week we share call with Arbor OB/GYN. This is the practice of  Samantha Anderson MD, Siri Raju, MD,  Nicole B. Petchenik MD, and Lisa Holt CNM (certified nurse midwife). On weekends and holidays  we share call with doctors Phoebe Sun, Winnie Soufi, Marin Honore, and Karen Creed.

All eight doctors are MDs and board certified OB/GYNs. We feel this is the ideal call group at Northside Hospital and you will be in expert hands in the unlikely event that Doctor Moore or Jewell are not available.

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